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Below are the terms and conditions you must agree with before ordering Frogglez Goggles on our website.

In order to use the Frogglez Goggles website (www.frogglezgoggles.co.nz), owned and managed by Product Matters Limited (Frogglez), you must agree to all of the terms and conditions stated below. If you do not agree, please leave this site immediately.
1.0 Browsing & Interaction
1.1 Frogglez gains the right to collect data like your IP address, current page, search data and auction views for internal use (see privacy policy).
1.2 While all effort is undertaken to make sure data is accurate & up-to-date, we cannot guarantee accuracy.
2.0 Membership
2.1 By becoming a member you give us the right to store & use your data for internal use.
2.2 By becoming a member Frogglez reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time for any given reason.
2.3 All payments made via credit card to your account are in your name and you are the authorised user of the card. You also hold responsibility for any problems arising from the use of your credit card.
2.4 Frogglez takes NO responsibility for any lost, stolen or fraudulently used credit cards as we DO NOT store, receive or collect ANY credit card information.
2.5 All payment information, disputes you make with Credit Card are dealt with by PayMex.co.nz.
2.6 Any illegal or mis-use of the website will result in your membership being removed.

3.0 Credit
3.1 Credit is non-refundable after payment successful, if payment is over $100.00 refunds may be accepted (refund will be 90% of total paid as credit card fees & penalties will be deducted)
3.2 Frogglez is entitled to withdraw or penalise cardholders for false / ghost payments.
3.5 Frogglez takes no responsibility for credit card payments without the card / account holders permission.
4.0  Trademarks
4.1 "Frogglez" is a registered trademark in the United States of America and other countries, licensed exclusively through Product Matters Limited.
4.2 "Frogglez" is protected under the
Trade Marks Act 2002.